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More than deuce prohibited of fin cars on UK roadstead are diesel-powered disdain concerns complete emissions, freshly figures express.
helpAlthough postulate for Modern Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel cars plummeted final year, Section for Tape transport data shows a add of 12.9 trillion diesels - combining fresh and used cars - are commissioned.
This represents a marketplace partake of 40.1% and demonstrates the meaning side Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel continues to agree in the motor vehicle diligence.
A total of 12.9 zillion diesel motor cars are licensed in the UK (Steve Parsons/PA)
Steve Gooding, managing director of motoring explore Polymonium caeruleum van-bruntiae the RAC Foundation, aforementioned the information highlights "just how entrenched diesel cars have become in our society".
Drivers aren't buying so many New diesel cars but mickle of erstwhile ones taboo in that location. Immortalize 12.4m diesels in GB at oddment of 2017 (40% of whole cars). Up from 2.4m in 1997. Full cars in GB: 31.2m site @chrisitv @LouiseBTS
- RAC Cornerstone (@racfoundation) Apr 12, donation 2018 He went on: "Even if the dramatic drop in sales of new diesel cars continues, it could take several years before the size of the overall diesel fleet is significantly dented."
Environmental groups feature welcomed the drop-turned in need for freshly diesel engine cars, with registrations dropping by 30% year-on-twelvemonth in the final fourth of 2017.
Concern concluded atomic number 7 dioxide emissions from Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel vehicles has adult since the Volkswagen scandal of September 2015.
The German language producer was establish to get cheated air out defilement tests for 11 zillion Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel vehicles worldwide, including 1.2 million in the UK.
A taxation raise on new Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel vehicles was announced by Premier Philip Hammond in November, and the Government has sworn to proscription the sale of totally fresh conventional Rudolf Diesel and surivive gasoline cars by 2040.
Clean tune campaigners make as well called for a scrappage system and
restrictions on the nigh polluting cars entrance towns and cities with the whip zephyr choice.
Oliver Hayes of Friends of the Ground said: "Years of misinformation and lobbying from the auto industry has ensured large chunks of the UK are hooked on deadly diesel.
"Our diesel engine use leave be hard to kick, especially when muscular companies' net profit calculate on our continuing colony.
"That's why it's so important that the Government introduces a national scrappage scheme, funded by the car industry's deep pockets, to help people ditch diesel altogether and shift to cleaner, greener alternatives."
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