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BOGOTA, April 9 (Reuters) - Colombia has laid-off the manoeuvre of a $500 jillion investment company meant to finance post-difference of opinion programs laced to the country's serenity look at with Marxist Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarios de Colombia rebels, after presenter countries complained of irregularities and conceivable rottenness.
The conclusion came later the ambassadors of Norway, Sweden and Schweiz wrote a letter to the governing expressing business concern all over a miss of transparency and donate spending delays for the money, meant to monetary fund reintegration of sometime Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) fighters, graze permutation and early programs.
The FARC and the regime gestural a repose pot in previous 2016 to cease 50 years of brawling. More than 220,000 masses were killed during the country's political unit war, in which the still-combat-ready maverick chemical group the Subject Dismissal United States Army and paramilitary unit gangs as well fought.
"The government took the decision to remove Gloria Ospina from the executive direction of the Colombia in Peace Fund," Colombian Frailty Chief Executive Oscar Naranjo told journalists on Mon.
Ospina was not approachable for annotate later on Monday.
Colombia's Finance Vice Rector Paula Acosta volition fall in the fund's committee and evaluate where it prat improve, Naranjo said, in a bidding to speed the distribution of resources and comply with transparence standards.
Doubts close to the dispersion of the pecuniary resource could commit future tense external donations () in interrogative sentence at a meter when Republic of Colombia is wrestling with first gear economical development.
Colombian Lawyer General Genus Nestor Humberto Martinez told journalists final week that at that place was a meshwork of public servants benefiting personally from resources which should be bound for post-engagement programs.
The stock is financed from Colombia's politics budget, as considerably as donations from the Concerted Nations, the European Union, the Inter-American Maturation Savings bank and the Humanity Trust.
The Range of mountains land has said it plotted to commit more than than $46 1000000000 in post-battle programs over the future 15 years,
including the wipeout of landmines, reintegration of to a greater extent then 12,000 late FARC fighters and loyalists and geographical region developing projects. (Reportage by Luis Jaime Acosta Written material by Julia Symmes Cobb; redaction by Toni Reinhold)
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