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From the picture above, it is possible to see a condensed and brief view of any group's history. This would be great in Career Mode with NBA 2K20 MT. It could add a little more depth into the game, as you'd have the ability to handle a team and get a fantastic snapshot of your effects on the club's history. A trophy cabinet would also be nice here.Adding to enhancing staff history, seeing each group's records could be trendy. Getting to see how current and new players wind up leaving their mark on the history of the team show a tangible effect and would add depth.

Having the ability to see the records for greatest scorers in Champions League history or most clean sheets in Europe's Top 5 Leagues would be cool. Having the ability to observe how your youth and current players climb these leaderboards and also make their mark on history could be fun to track, at least in my own experience.As of now, after the Player of the Month telling leaves the news tab, it has gone forever. It can't be that hard to just put it in somewhere to store for the remainder of the season. Can it?

The existing Squad Hub is pitiful in comparison to this. Meanwhile, NBA 2k players may see literally any stat they are interested in. We all know you track stats than targets, assists, and sheets. So it's time to get started storing them and letting us view them.This feature isn't actually in FIFA at all, which can be a bummer. Would be quite cool to see which teams are leading in different stats.This is easily among the coolest features in 2k for men and women who like to track stats like me. The game permits you to choose any stat to be another for y-axis and the x-axis. Creating spreadsheets like this really can highlight how well (or badly ) a player is performing and brings a completely different level to stats from the game.

As a participant of 2K the majority of your points and I concur. However the one thing I don't want for FIFA is the"Social Media" component. First of all, as we understand EA, they would make it dull and repetitive as fuck. But most importantly create the 2K simulation so fucking espacially. This would probably kill the simulator speed from Career Mode after a few seasons. Quality article.

I would like an owner mode like 2K and Madden. I like this in 2K you can buy the group. Or at Madden you can be the owner at the start. I think an owner mode would function nicely for FIFA at which we could hire the manager in addition to players and staff. I really like NBA 2k so much and it disturbs me to see how more advanced it's from FIFA. Grantedthere are a lot less championships, but I played with 25+ years at one NBA 2k save before, and even though each player was fake, it was really enjoyable.I think it'd be cool but you HAVE to remember that there are 30 teams of 15 players +150 free agents. The FIFA database is MASSIVE compared to this, so things like monitoring player stats would be exceedingly difficult.

Half Knicks related, half me trying to process what's happening. I have been a Kobe fan, occasionally from the closet, sometimes in the open. Back when I played with NBA 2K quite alot I recall I used to imagine Kobe ending his career a Knick, also helping to deliver us that long awaited title. I recall the variant, NBA 2K13, in which Kobe would strike free agency then first season and I would bring him to the Knicks to play Number 2 to our afterward celebrity Carmelo. I have the save game in my PS3, but not the game, which can be a boon because whilst a part of me wishes I could load up that save wherever I'd left off and play an additional game in my dream of Kobe as a Knick, I just know I couldn't do it.

My wife knows all about my admiration of Kobe. We are equally 41. We both had brothers, two of these, roughly the same age. He never knew I existed, but when I'm right, he was a role model for me Buy NBA 2K MT. I felt a kinship. A man born to this earth in precisely the exact same year, a guy who was a father exactly like me.It's why I would attempt to sign him to the Knicks. This is why despite getting my girls a danillo gallinari jersey along with Amare jersey as babies they also got Kobe ones too.I don't know when this is appropriate to stay here on our Knicks sub. But I hope others may share their Kobe tales, however trivial, like mine is. I miss him and am thinking for him, although he wasn't a Knick.

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