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Not only is that an overreaction, but RS3 did this thing and it failed horribly. With their Mining and Smithing Rework, they included Stone Spirits but the problem was there were far more Stone Spirit to improve ores coming into RuneScape than were being utilized since PvM was more interesting and profitable. GentleTractor also made a couple suggestions on this topic with the RuneScape 2007 gold second attempting to address this issue.As for its overreaction part, yah, that isn't how it used to be. KBD, the very first boss, drops 100 noted Yew Logs.

Yet despite this, cutting Yew Trees wasn't destroys due to PvM. The matter is not that funds drop but in the quantities. The other problem is in defining a source. Would you remove Herbs since they are a Farming Resource? They arrived from PvM because before Farming existing, so does this make them a PvM Resource? Case for Runes; before Runecrafting existed they had been a PvM Drop. They also can be earned in some scenarios; should that also be addressed through Skilling, although hides and Bones are a PvM Resource? I believe you have the point in this can be far from easy and that removing all resources from PvM is kinda ridiculous.

As for your other claims, Particular prices would not constantly change as you indicate. Things would finally stabilize dependent on lots and the fall tables of the uniques and there would be good bosses and lacking directors as there's now. Additionally, thinking that skilling will be"worth so much more" isn't really true either. Matters like Magic Trees will never be great you may only cut them fast and because they aren't worth that much. Even without ores and logs most will end up round the alch prices of the items they produce and even if a few do grow beyond this, you aren't going to earn 1M per hour AFKing.

The problem with skilling isn't that the tools are devalued by PvM so much as it's that Skilling lacks approaches; there is not anything in skilling that until there is, it will never compete with PvM and rivals the PvM content. It's also worth noting that the skilling content that does compete with PvM, Zalcano, is viewed as bad if not worse than PvM creatures for how much it devalues its skills. Which brings me back to my point it isn't about what drops what resource but just how much it offers. Anything else, or whether we believe Skilling, it PvM, whether it relies too heavily on a source, it's bad for this resource's market.

You'll have with no destroying Woodcutting without ruining Dragons, like you can have Implings drop hides PvM supervisors shed logs. But it makes sense to cover the specific drops which are an issue than to overreact and try while copying a notion asserting it is original to remove all tools for PvM. And it's also very manipulative to utilize MMK's quote about incorporating major updates just like a buy RS gold new skill to attempt and encourage a fall table rebalance; that isn't at all the kind of update he was talking about and I am not sure just how much we should read into his opinion of"OSRS will perish because Warding failed" anyway.

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