by on 13 May, 2020

Then says now I won't skull and to strike him and he will say the line for your movie, so OSRS gold I clicked him my brother had only started watching and recognized exactly what was occurring, we had such garbage internet that for whatever reason it actually didn't actually strike, so he's yelling at me I'm spam clicking the floor and panicking, it doesn't even skull me and my brother cries to operate, therefore in my granite maul, plate, along with dmed I run full sprint down to border in full panic the entire time, I will NEVER help those men make a movie!

I can remember the first time I got scammed. Was selling full rune, granite protect, berserker helm, and also a d-long sword (literally my whole bank), because I wanted to begin pumping up my array and magic stats and wanted cash. Because all these were decent melee gear I guessed I could sell it all in one go an made a RS forum post regarding it. When I get there he tells me that he is actually at the monastery so I must go there to meet with him. Just like a noob I take the path that cuts through the crazy (that was before they had the ditch) and I get ice barraged by 3 guys all the exact same degree as me. I'd an Obby cape (back if they had been worth a lot more) a slew of arrows I was accumulating, about 150k in coins and a few other stuff. I didn't come back until last year and stopped.

I recall my first interaction with scamming. At the time I had a little money from some lucky barrows so I had a pinch and a bit of extra money in the bank conducts. Some guy in falador east bank in certain uncrowded world was purchasing a whip for 2.7m and in the time they were 2.6m, so I offered it to him to get what I believed was 2714k. I figured it had been his money stack and he really wanted the whip- created sense. A few hours later I realized I was short nearly half a mil while attempting to get the whip back I was supposed to be profiting on.

Then it struck me. He gave me 2174k. I swear to god to buy 2007 runescape gold I was pissed, I didn't even know his name so I could not report him. I had been scammed cleanly. And I was inspired. After conducting this scam on others for up of 20m gain worked my way up to a permanent mute. This was back in 07, therefore my og account is Unmuted and has no strikes against it. My times are but fuck I spent a lot of time in cammy and falador banks purchasing whips for 2147k.

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