by on 14 May, 2020

I'd prefer some new modes added to  NBA 2K21 MT   my group or simply new modes in general and to quit focusing on graphics. A really good story mode could be cool too.Clean up the bugs and have the standard working match with all the features they implement to work. Occasionally getting to the gameplay is indeed annoying. It shouldnt require 20 mins to eventually start up a rec game with a few buddies. No obtained in playground, you just load into a game. Too many ppl stepping off and running from matches. Rec matchmaking no squads in squads or rec vs squads. And also make it if you dont green that the jumper you dont reach the jumpshot.

Perhaps people online leagues.I'd like to observe a Much Better"rated" system in myteam. I am more concerned about constant gameplay improvements instead of game mode additions... I want to see improvement to dribbling (has always seemed very choppy and inconsistent for me) also I would prefer a revamped departure system.

You mean to be an myleague? It would be dope if they had it sorta like pro am, like you make a group with 4 of your friends and then play full 82 game seasons contrary to other consumer groups. You could incorporate a playoff system for this, then you've got a full fledged online association AND you get to use your myplayer builds.Myleague is currently online, but it's invite only. I'd like to see a public version.In theory, your"myplayer" online league could be awesome, but almost impossible to organize 150 distinct players for a full 82 game season.

Yeah it actually would be difficult but you can definitely shorten the length of the season, such as 60 games maybe even 42 or something. And essentially it may only replace the mycareer games which you'd usually play against the cpu. So then we'd have the choice to play regular mycareer or we can use the online league as a way to upgrade characteristics / badges. Mycareer just gets super rancid now, and this is coming from  Buy NBA 2K MT Coins  somebody who was obsessed with Chris Smoove.


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