by on 16 May, 2020

I have been getting close to 20 relics one hour. It takes about 8 minutes to get RS gold. This ability is stupid slow. Remember the first 99 was achieved using all probable boosts and the best gear which doesn't come cheap. I believe he meant 2 hours to receive 20; so 10 per hourwhich is pretty standard. This skill is not even slow compared to other collecting skills, individuals are just spoiled with innovation type of hourly exp prices. As per the wiki: 60-65 divination generates about 44k. 53k xp/hr while purchasing energy. Empty Throne Room at 65+ provides 66k xp/hr to you.

I'm attempting to put this into context. Divination did not feel fun until 70 to level. It became fun in Hall of Memories in 70 because of heart searching. I'm not sure arch will feel much better when you are collecting artifacts in vacant dig sites. Claiming it AFK is a little shortsighted. What about the puzzles? What about gathering for cash, something that /h? Doing summoning? Is that afk? This ability isn't only excavate for damaged artefacts; there is a lot more to it.Nothing over a lot of self indulgent nerds thinking they deserve greater xp rates When you've got an ability that might have taken more than 3 months to develop and then you complete it in 3 times and claim it as lifeless material smfh!

I went to go find him and see that the 99 emote. I really don't think he even claimed the cape he simply said"xp waste" and jumped away. Evidently without eliminating his override the cape was claimed by him and perform the emote after but I overlooked it. He had been there a total of 1 second. Did they ban Lover Romeo (first to 200M Mining and Agility)? That consideration was being shared if you looked in their everyday XP gains in each of those abilities, only being possible if you played 24/7 which, although not unheard of, is unsustainable for just how long they kept up those XP gains.

If I was known by folks they'd know I find a ban and wouldn't hazard putting bank into the ability to buy runescape 3 gold just to account share. But more importantly they'd understand I would not share my account with anyone, I dont trust anybody, not even myself. Lastly, rank 1 is not worthwhile getting banned for, like folks are interested atm certain, but in a month most folks won't actually know who rank 1 is... I'm just doing it cause rushing for ranks is fun, the accomplishment would not mean anything for me if I cheated, but do not expect me to leak the strats I find however (if it seems bug or unnintended I report into a jmod, such as I have already).

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