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The big picture: Fox Sports on Sunday will air the first-ever Madden NFL Invitational tournament later today. The two-hour event, to be hosted by Chris Myers and Rachel Bonnetta, will raise awareness for the CDC Foundation's Covid-19 relief efforts, the network said. Could this Mut 20 coins be the point that esports must really go mainstream? Had you told the programming managers in major broadcasters like ESPN and Fox Sports only 1 month ago that there would basically be no live sports into air arrived the end of March, they would have laughed you right from the area.

The NBA and NHL have canceled their own seasons. NASCAR has stalled races through May 3. MLB has postponed the beginning of its season. MMA events and major boxing have been called off. The Olympics have been pushed back a year. Fox Sports explained the esports championship will consist of seven games over three rounds of play to determine a winner among a field of star competitors including Derwin James, Antonio Cromartie, Michael Vick, Matt Leinart, Orlando Scandrick, T.J.Houshmandzadeh, Juju Smith-Schuster and Ahman Green. All players will compete remotely with the games streamed live during the telecast.

Yeah, it's basically Twitch, however on cable TV. Sure, it's unusual, but what other option does the broadcaster have? It isn't like there is a contingency plan in place for this kind of situation and Fox Sports likely doesn't have the huge archive of old sporting occasions to fill open programming slots which ESPN does. The only alternative is that is what we're seeing perform and to think beyond the box. WWE, for instance, is still pumping out material, albeit in empty arenas (and yes, it is just as bizarre and uncomfortable as it seems ).

For notably esports in general and Fox this is a huge chance. When the president to buy madden coins of ESPN proclaimed that esports were not actual sports, and to think it wasn't all that long ago. Fox Sports' Madden NFL 20 Invitational is scheduled to kick off at 7:00 Eastern on FS1.

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