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I am really confused about your disagreement. A still picture is not fantastic proof of a catch that is completed. I also think it's likely that the catch was made since I see no reason to believe the OP is lying, but to discount the stage that a still-image is Madden nfl 21 coins not good evidence of a catch is silly.If you believe the OP that this was a grab, then this still shit IS proof if nothing else of Madden multitude of flaws. A multi billion dollar business does not rework their match, what's really confusing is. If you wanna sit here and defend this game my role in this conversation is done lol. Please, feel free next year, and squander your money again!

It feels like you are missing the point this individual made. Once it seems quite probable that the OP is telling the truth, a still image isn't very good evidence for a grab. When refs review a catch, they're searching for whether or not the toes are in bounds and whether the receiver maintains ownership to the floor. This picture can only satisfy the criteria. I agree that Madden requires the challenge system along with fixes is a significant problem. This is why I believe the OP. I'm only pointing out that the person who commented previously that the picture is not technically signs of a grab is correct.

It is great that you agree about Madden needs we know this. I'm not confused in the slightest. My point is I've put a lot of hours into Madden I've seen many of each years bugs, to the point that exactly what I am looking at as an educated madden player is ANOTHER edition of Madden ineptitude to follow ITS OWN FOOTBALL RULES as this still shot serves as GREAT EVIDENCE.

Think about it as if it was a game that is real. If all you needed to go from was a still image of a player's feet in boundaries, would this be sufficient proof to say a catch was made? Then it is not evidence, if you're going from the real principles of the NFL. That. I concur that Madden is crap. I agree that the bugs are problematic. I am only also agreeing with somebody else above that, technically speaking, this picture isn't great evidence of a completed catch.

I understand what your saying.. But this is a video game. So what, until the video games are indiscernible to real life I must just get over these small defects that heap on top of each other each other play (football pileups are still something which aren't in Madden however that really work ironically) before the technology catches up to actual time perfection? What? I didn't state to get the buy Mut 21 coins flaws over. I really don't know where you are getting that from. I have agreed that the flaws are problematic and Madden is shit. Not certain why you do not get it.

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