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Increase the average rep you get per sport of playground and  nba 2k20 mt coins rec centre, nothing mad higher but a small increase I think is necessary for any casual consumer to get past celebrity 1. Additionally, I've heard pro am rep has been reduced which is terrible to hear. Professional am ought to have greater rep rates than park and rec to draw away rep grinders (such as myself). I 100% instead playing ace am for its competitiveness, quick games and rep; I really like playing it whenever a squad of 3 are online so I hope the nerf was not heavy handed or can be reverted soon.

Have another Badge conversation; Each time a patch is, to mechanics feel like they change. Green Machine, how effective is it now? Supposedly patch 1.05 didn't alter shooting percentage(though I have screenshots of games with significant increase in shooting percentages throughout the board in online REC) but it did impact green window or the visual of a green. So is the badge still powerful if most shots are now whites? Intimidator, pre patch and post patches this badge apparently outplays many completing badges. Piggybacking off my green machine debate, how goofy does it look that Finishers miss large percentage layups because of a badge, but shields 30 feet in the basket can drain ridiculous what ought to be low percentage shots.

Online play suggestion: This might be unpopular but hear me out. Add the option to turn "actual player%" for shots online. Everybody has played a game in the playground where a three pt archetype can not hit a shot, or a card at MyTeam with amazing stats but you could never get their timing right (pink diamond Kevin enjoy and Ray Allen from 2K19). Obviously shot time is a huge part of what creates the skillgap in 2K however there clearly needs to be a penalty for using real shot percentage. If I'm using a Player with an 99 mid range shot, and I'm wide open, with actual player percentage I would expect to create it 6 or 7 days out of 10.

But with manual control you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the three ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50% of his open shots, in online play if for whatever reason you can not receive down his jumper, allow badges and his 99 stats let you hit on a percentage around there. May hit on the percentages. That is obviously looks at the basket. The player percentage could take the same time to release shots, and with good defense you should not be getting such appearances anyways.

To get 2K21, it needs better replay demonstration (meaning more and various angles for a single highlight), and also the option (such as in past 2K) to see your personal highlight reel. Additionally, it has to always show the highlight reel of the participant of NBA 2K. There should be cutaways of seat, coach and crowd reactions to highlights... There should be an emphasis on rivalries... Make it so that in mycareer a player can construct a rivalry VS a different nba participant, or a team can build a rivalry VS another team... These rivalries must be triggered by post game questions where u can diss a team/opponent, or cheap nba 2k20 mt praise them... And if u diss them, it creates a competition point.

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