by on 24 June, 2020

While reading the threads that are linked the one thing that always astounds me classic gold is the way everybody is so quick to defend Blizzard and blame Activision. Much like Blizzard is something or their pal. Jesus Christ you guys a company discovered it could make nearly the identical amount of money and you have to produce some wicked boogeyman to blame? Blizzard wasn't your friend they had great customer support once they understood you'd remain without customer service they got rid of it save $.

But as someone who's sporadically followed Blizzard because the'90s, a great deal of the troubles did not begin until the past few decades. Higher-ups in Blizzard were replaced by employees, leading to a culture change in Blizzard titles. The 2019 firings were the culmination of a string of removing the initial Blizzard from Blizzard.

So what folks are defending are those employees. The original Blizzard employees did care. It received updates as recently as 2016, 15 years after its past launching that was profit-making and long past the point at which its prices were being outdone by the gains it had been bringing in.

Yes, they wanted to make money. However, Blizzard had a long history of"We'll release it when it is ready", compared to their"release it now and fix it in post" stance that's been the norm for their games. A game release gets pushed back because they want to polish WOW Classic a bit more is money lost, and yet Blizzard was notorious for pushing on games back months. That is, prior to a couple of years ago, when it appeared that gamer-friendly culture at Blizzard had been squashed by what folks can only presume were Activision's consequences. But saying that ignores their tendency of earning poor financial decisions in a bid to create games.

People recall that Blizzard, the one with good customer support best place to wow gold and a genuine customer-first attitude. That is who they shield, and to be honest, Blizzard earned that defense. Activision possesses Blizzard through and through, though. And all these customer support functions have Activision stamped around them. They have been the MO for years of Activision. So that's why folks are quick to blame Activision instead of Blizzard. It'd be just like blaming the people originally behind Craftsman or Pyrex for the fall in quality, when in reality, it was the people who bought the brands and are now destroying their title by accepting a short-term money in on the originally widely-known top excellent nature of them while cutting costs and destroying the quality of the things newly-made below the brand name.

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