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It is mostly the same as any current manual, with the only real change im aware of  Kamas Dofus Retro is that they changed the value on vitality runes.It's probably the only part of the Dofus game that hasn't changed. Professions changed along with the Mage UI obtained a massive upgrade, obtained new runes also, however, the mage mechanisms are all the exact same.So basically any guide should be OK. Sadly there isn't a lot out there in English. Maybe some posts between impsvillage as well as the Dofus forums but no full guide as there's a LOT.

One thing that some folks are not aware of is that particular rune tiers work best at particular values. Str will fail almost always like spamming +1 Str runes as soon as your item has 60. But if it has 5 Str, it is going to succeed often. This applies for every single rune. However, the thresholds for these values aren't documented anywhere, not that I'm aware of.

I began playing with Dofus at 2008 and played college and a little bit through college. I was a massive fan of pvp and have multiple server pvp characters back in the day and now that Dofus retro is live I can not shake this desire. My concern isI work fulltime today as an engineer and would just be playing lightly so I need to grind a good deal to have an adequate lvl 50 pvp personality, is it difficult to get to that level and make some decent Dofus kamas to purchase decent stuff (will only have one account). I had been considering buying Dofus kamas (Yes, I nearly converted to the dark side) or possibly exchange the ones I have on 2.0 (I've a ton) but I was not so sure.Osa can cope somewhat fair of harm (ok int might be not the ideal route for that but in case you have no problems with int and revel in it, stick with it for today, you could always change later), can manage a lot of situations/quests/challenges etc for their summons and wide range of tools at their disposal. Concerning the support role, Osa bring a lot more than simply fixes: you can do a bit of positioning, buff other people with mp, power, shield, etc..

Like someone above said: the fun factor is the most important, especially in Dofus game where you could spent a very long long time doing articles on a single char. At a previous guild I was in I had somebody playing mp reduction eni and he had quite a succesful and enjoyable time, however it wasn't meta, not ideal, and compare to other courses which focus on mp red/damage he couldn't stand the contrast. I never noticed him and dungeon celebration kicked apart or whatever construct: he enjoyed his encounter and knew how to play his build.

And last but not least: meta modifications continualy, what is FOTM today might become the black sheep of tomorrow (godly chance eca of pre summertime patch can tell a lot about this...). I understand that not enjoying a course"that sucks" is also a part of the fun you can have with your class, but as long as you perform well and have no trouble pvm shrewd, I'd say you are fine.I'd say that current Osa is doing fine. My buddy is playing int coping 3x500 from black dragon, lvl 150 and osa. Heals are adequate. Chance osa deals dmg than that. It's just that osa turns are long and dofus kamas ilyzaelle that's the reason they aren't liked by some people in groups. However, they're a course.

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