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It boggles my mind that a match such as this doesn't care more. NBA MT Coins seems like there is some effort to match the evaluations of this MyNBA 2K player personalities, but little to match on skill level of the actual NBA 2K gamers. I am not crazy for thinking that both good and bad NBA 2K players can enjoy NBA 2K more if they had been more consistently matched with NBA 2K players of their own skill level, right? The issue at the moment is that, at least based on what's visible to the user, the measures that are available that you'd use to infer ability are lousy.

The MyRep tier is great, as unskilled NBA 2K players may play a good deal of games, boosting their MyRep up. Naturally there's win%, but once you begin to do matchmaking based on ability, win% would no longer be a very good step, since in the event the matchmaking is powerful, people's win% will stay around 50%. (If a single NBA 2K player is good and another is bad, both may have win% around 50%, just 1 guy is doing it against great competition, and yet another is performing it at poorer competition, both paired to their own skill level.)

This is a rating system used to match NBA 2K players to additional NBA 2K players of similar level. It's a tiny bit as the RPI in college basketball, where it's not just about your win percent, but your triumph% whilst accounting for the strength of your competition. I mean, great NBA 2K players deserve to have other good teammates and not feel like"Dude, what is this random doing?" Poor NBA 2K players also have to enjoy NBA 2K, by playing people that are still equally matched to their skill level. It does not seem like it'd be hard to execute.

I totally concur, when quarantine started, me and a few of my buddies got back to 2k and we love to play with MyNeighborhood with each other all the time. I cannot say how annoying it is to be going against a 95+ glock, and two 95 threats every match when my buddies are around 80-90. Doesn't matter if we change lobbies, go to various courts, etc. we're always completely below the level of our competitors. Do not get me wrong we aren't"great" NBA 2K players and just try to have fun playing with each other (only time we perform NBA 2K is when we are all on together, rarely solo grinding MyCareer, etc.)

However, for the casual NBA 2K players NBA 2K is not very friendly, going against someone who can green 7 seven threes in a game over the first 2 minutes has so repetitive and isn't enjoyable at all to Buy NBA 2K MT to play against. Do not get me wrong it's not fun to lose but to play against insanely degree NBA 2K gamers isn't fun for my pals and me. Perhaps I am complaining too much, perhaps I need to"get good," whatever it is I only wish I could have more fun playing NBA 2K with friends.

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