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Watching players who have not touched RS3 in 8+ years go through the beginnings of runescape 3 gold is a great way to figure out what works in the"new player experience" and what does not. Fantastic example. The man is brand new to RS3, having just played oldschool, or RuneScape. Already, there's been a couple of things he's run because he misses the excuse into him level out confuses, or just does not get you. The toolbelt's concept is not explained. Default disables the endurance bar in mining, and the concept of refreshing your stamina to keep your mining rate up isn't educated. Hell, he points out strange things that used to bug most people, but we have chosen to dismiss because it has gone awry by Jagex for so damn long, such as why complete helms and med helms have the very same stats.

I'm one of those men, though I have never made any videos. Allow me to inform you, the whole encounter is OVERWHELMING! Even with all the advice it still feels nearly impossible to discover any footing. Granted as an OSRS participant I'm already eager to do things marginally efficiently so that may hamper my beginnings in this content-rich game. Honestly speaking however, that overpowering feeling existed 16 decades. Even when RuneScape was so modest, RuneScape didn't tutor enough on what the hell I was supposed to do. Though so figuring it out felt really gratifying.

I recently launched an OSRS account along with an OSRS Ironman since I have a couple friends that play and I wanted something that I could socialize with them on. OSRS is still stuck with by the overwhelming feeling. RuneScapes are so far apart from each other but also from what RuneScape actually was in'07. Neither are an intimate or accurate recreation anymore. I don't know where the new regions how to get to them or are. I really don't know any of the new methods for almost any skill or what the fuck wintertodt is how to do it. If I hadn't watched 3 collection of OSRS Ironmen I would be fucked before I even start. And even though I've watched this material, I'm still at a loss for what to do to be near effective!

Literally everything in OSRS is far more complicated, although the battle for RS3 is much more complicated, yes. Perhaps not needing to remember what I want to bring with me for each and every skilling action alone and having a tool belt is awkward. The quickest way is labor intensive. Seriously, as far as learning what QoL attributes you will find in RS3 is overpowering is at least as overwhelming.

I obtained overwhelmed, remade an account in Rs3, felt this way at first, and moved to older school. However, I have angry at grindy RuneScape had been, and I wanted things I had a taste of. Finally I switched back, but decided to create an Iron that I was not tempted to rush aspects of RuneScape, and haven't looked back. Some things I learned along the way: EoC is great, but you will need to learn it. You can do whenever you want. I did full revolution for a good long while and just switched when I began studying Vindicta, which gave me an appreciation of the machine. I do full revo for slayer tasks because I am lazy and  buy RS gold it does when you're not bossing.

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