by on 1 September, 2020

Electronic Arts, the developer of the popular football game FIFA, has decided to ditch “toxic” goal celebrations from the latest iteration of its marquee product, FIFA 21. Gamers will no longer be able to use the “shushing” celebration after scoring a goal. This has frequently been used to stall games and gloat at the expense of the opponent.

Eurogamer reported on Wednesday that the two celebrations are gone, and more may be pulled before FIFA 21 launches in October. In online matches, players who have given up a goal are forced to watch the celebration; the “Shush” celebration was aggravating as it was performed with a running player, which goal-scorers would use to prolong the moment and antagonize their opponents.

The “A-OK” celebration was introduced in FIFA 20 and is a straight lift of Dele Alli’s “Challenge” post-goal pose, which went viral after the Spurs midfielder scored in a 2018 victory over Newcastle. That involves raising an OK gesture to one’s eye and peering through the O. In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe FIFA 21 Coins For Sale.

Celebrations are one of the chief ways of annoying your opponent in FIFA. Your opponent is forced to watch them - and they can be pretty grating after rage-inducing goals are scored. The Shush celebration in particular is infamous within the community, as it is done while the scoring player is running. Players sometimes use running celebrations to extend the celebration time as they jog up and down the pitch - a frustrating time-wasting tactic.

FIFA 21 will also implement other measures to curb toxic time-wasting behavior. Players up to FIFA 20 could waste as many as 30 seconds before a throw-in; now they have 12 seconds to get the ball in play. Kick-offs are down from 30 seconds to 10, and goal, corner, and penalty kicks have 15 seconds to get moving. Free kicks allow 20 seconds to get set up.

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