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I am curretnly merchatning and when I complete the purchase, I will have 1 million gold. I'm wondering what I should spend it on:skills,combat,slayer or if I keep merchatning? Allrighty. I want 99 thieving as I am aware that it is an extremely easy and quick skill to train. It is just for a simple trim for fletching. Is this the best way to do it? Pyramid Plunder, Room 1 - Search Gold chest-Find door to OSRS gold next room, Room 2 - Search Gold chest - Locate door to adjacent room, Room 3 - Search Gold chest - Locate door to adjoining room, Room 4 - Hunt Gold chest - Find door to next room, Room 5 - Search all urns for snakes - loot all urns - search gold chest - depart.OK, what my plan was, I would craft nats via abyss and utilize those to alch exactly what I fletch. However, I am a new member, so I am not used to the abyss and didn't realize I needed money to tele (glory ammy, tele orbs or w/e, elf crystal, etc.) I also don't have some runes actually, so I can not tele. I would like to be able to do this, and I understand that it functions nicely, cuz my buddy's wealthy, and he does that for cash. Anyway, I had been wondering how to find a good chunk of cash so that I could start doing so. I don't wish to merchant or do anything that is bad for xp. I would like to use a skill, and find some good xp while I'm getting my cash.

So, I need two items answered: First, how can I get the money to begin crafting nats via abyss? Secondly, what's the least expensive way to utilize the abyss? Buy about 5 glory's to begin with even though you'll be recharging alot - that will be 200k at 40k each(be certain you're done hero's pursuit so you can recharge your glories). Go to the abyss with a pickaxe or a hatchet and get to the inner ring then go to the nature portal site and craft your nats. Subsequently tele into edgeville and replicate. You should mine your own essence(dose not take long) and your collection. In terms of making 200k in the event you don't already have it only choose some flax and twist it into bowstring and sell it at the ge. That's about 1.5k bowstring I think. . My friend has an RS Classic acount that he used way back when before RS2 came out. He had some decent stats, especially for RSC. However, he claims to have quit before RS2 came out. When RS2 was outside for some time, he came back, but the password was lost. The recovery questions no longer worked. Odd thing is, he never touched RS2, but the stats appear on the highscores...

Would RSC stats show up on the highscores if they're higher then RS2 stats? Because he dropped the password before RS2... its wierd the username was mike3965 test it out and watch the highscores. He wants to appeal to Jagex and determine whether he can get the acount back, possibly for RSC or RS2. But since the stats are showing on highscores would that mean he has those stats on RS2? Like, for when they left the switch did they move stats when they switched from RSC into RS2? Its so confusing. . All I really know is that he wants the acount back one way or another. Hell pay membership for it if he gets it back. But which stats are which! Are they RSC stats just, or RS2 stats only because RSC got transfered and the"Rsc" acount for that username obtained reset or what occurred?! . I made to bank my rune and when I came back the heap was gone... I know I left it in back in less then a minute. Next do u get penalty just for looking at pile? Cuz I looked in heap and got pencil... Sorry for sounding desperate but I am. . It hard to get a lvl 75 like me to RS07 Gold find a kill and I do it's gone... VERY nice idea indeed, if this thought worked, then certainly it is possible to stake someone with your best armor, following dm you bank your armor, then pick up the armor which you staked, which means that at 180 sec IF you really do get killed, it wouldnt matter as MUCH.


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