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Can a busted god publication protect me from that gods followers? They could, but you should take a finished book only to be safe. Should I take alchs with me just wait till I bank? : If you can afford it, you should definitely take alchs for the cheaper items, since they save lots of space. And roughly the number of mith bolts should I shoot? (Range = 61): It depends on how long you are considering staying. If you plan on RS gold staying for a long time, you are going perfect. Bear in mind, Ava's attractor helps a lot if you're able to wear it. If there's a quicker way please, do tell. I haven't done haunted min (no slave) or fighter maddness (no guards). Also I am too lazy to acquire construction upward for fremmy isles/trails. I actually don't mind paying for food for spiders if it's the speediest...I just want 70 strike for my own whip/ss. I've alrady bought both and want them bad! But which of these is the quickest? Thanks. There is too many folks at experiments. Don't do it.

Pest control today gives less exp per harm. Go for giant spiders. Fastest, even when you're f2p like me. I got 70 assault on giant spiders. Black mask; do not use it unless the monster you are attacking is your slayer task. Secondly, you don't desire losing something of that worth it. Bring something else such as helm of neitiznot, it is okay. I think rune might pwn that in stats... should you wish to sacrifice defence for atatck stats, get the fighter chest. Get something in your toes. Dragon boots in the event that you can afford itrune boots if you want something economical and dependable. And get some thing in your hands. Rfd gloves are pretty great, provides gd offensive and defensive bonuses. If you want to sacrifice MORE defence for assault stats, then wield the best defender you have.I've begun the Creature of Frankenstein pursuit, and have gotten to the part where you need to discover the guys mind. I get near the place where you dig it, but I almost always keep getting killed by leeches and witches, and wind up teleporting back into varrock! Well, I basically just sold out all of my bank and I've around 17m now. I want to raise a money making ability up and I want to know what to do and how to do it. Since I am not good with money and need some players who are far better than me to help me out. What monster could I kill and recieve a fantastic amout of charms (Doesn't matter what type ), also if I want to do a quest or something in order to get them that would be useful. Slayer level is 22. If that's the case, I could only use an addy plate using a berserker ring... or is it that the restpect u get for wearing the fighters torso? Well frankly I dont give such ppl any respect in any way, im pretty confident, helm of nietznot, fighters torso, d lags, d hats and rune guardian is the most popular coaching outfit (give or take a product or two ). If a lot of ppl have the torso how much respect could u possible profit.

Torso's are great in situations where you do not need defence, and the extra defence of a rune or granite body is wasted since the creature/s your fighting do not hit high enough to require it. For instance, lets say your playing with Pest Control. Unless you've got a shocking defence level, its very difficult to die here in a standard round. Your objective is to get as much XP in the short time the game lasts as possible. Therefore a chest is more satisfied than something like a torags plate. Another instance is when your using protection against melee/magic/range from a monster and also the defence is not needed. Also when elevated levels are fighting monsters like fire giants (usually for slayer), the giants don't hit often so a torso is great.

A bandos plate is great as it offers better citizenship than the torso, and if you have lots of money to spend its useful to get this excess defence for situations where a large defence bonus is needed, but you still need the strength incentive. Torags plates are undesirable because it costs money and time to repair them, so in the event that you've got enough money to buy whatever you want, a buy RuneScape gold bandos plate will probably be preferred. Have u seen the people with godswords? A lot of them wear fighters torso over bandos plate. The can obviosly manage it and it's better def, yet they stick with the dang torso


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