by on 20 November, 2020

Definitely get into sniping or simply playing to create and pile mt, I have been enjoying since 2K16 and I have always begun with a budget so I can stack my mt for when op cards come out and to also have mt to invest for endgame. That was my goal basically. Play and use beasts that NBA 2K MT Coins  are cheap for so long as I could and utilize freebies and rewards as much as possible until the top tier such as GO begin coming out. When I was younger, In 32 working full time using a 1 month old I really don't have the opportunity to sit down and snipe in the front of the TV like I would.

I understand, but even in the event that you sit and snipe for an hour you can create mt on the right filter. The best ones to start the season is 500 filter, silver filter and also whatever the highest tier is filter. The filter recos are appreciated by me. I am certain to probably ask a few more questions when the game drops. You have been helpful. You're welcome, I'll make certain to find some more after I purchase NBA 2K21.

I for one am spending cash on VC for cards I'll just use for another 3 months. Especially since there's no longer"mill" left in NBA 2K21. At this point I'm just having a little fun in TTO and unlimited, playing. 2K waiting to release the cards is a money grab. I know the business side of things but I believe they would earn more if they gave us sufficient time to actually enjoy those finish game cards for a month or two.

That appears to be a good idea in theory, but if you played with MUT this season you would know that its awful not getting content for that long. I play myteam to escape out of mut not to relive it. The last 3-4 MUTs have all had enormous content droughts at some point or another. It's why I quit last year playing with that mode. One thing 2K can't touch MUT on is Draft Champions (I think that's what it is called) 2K definitely needs a draft style next year. I think if they don't revamp MyTeam and MyCareer I'm going to skip 2K21.

It has been because the neighborhood's creation. MyTeam needs game modes, and MyCareer has been downhill since the neighborhood's creation. I never really played draft champs since it has always been simple to put together a decent team. CPU defense can be dealt with by me, after all, I had to beat the  Cheap 2K MT Bird and Curry challenges. I guess it is all taste on what you deal with in the end of the day lol.


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