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It's especially bad on Stadia, believing there are system issues in which the 2K21 MT game slows to a crawl. How can there be a performance issue on Stadia?The roster updates don't bother me as far as the horrendous 2+ minute load times to get in to MyCareer game mode, and the slowdown-freeze after enjoying 2-3 games in MyCareer is game-breaking.

I delivered a tweet a while back and Stadia told me my concern to 2K. I figured that because I am just 1 individual that 2K would not care. What 2K is doing is completely shameful. They need to fix the game.

I can't agree more with the other users on this. The fact that these rosters have been upgraded is a deplorable. It is completely insane!Why is everyone referring to roster upgrades? The god damn game is not even playable. It's a pile of reeking crap. I bought it for 10 bucks and feel ripped off.

Side note didn't know this many people were on stadia. If only we had a functioning version of 2k, the amount of games which could happen on stadia would be immense!I had a bug now where I was supposed to be in the dunk contest, then once I clicked the match, it says I'm not engaging. Why would I get text messages , and people on twitter saying I'm in it if I am not? Same for All Star game, I had been on the board for the game, but was told I'm not in the game? I can't even collect my acceptance VC, because I can't visit the neighborhood. It stinks anytime I try to go. My character is still in his OG street clothes

I believe that is par for the course for its less popular versions of EA games, the Switch variant can also be gimped right?Never played any NBA2K match, but I've never heard a single good thing about any of them. So can not say I am surprised tbh.I haven't purchased the game since I heard I awful it was on Stadia, however I would have loved to.

From the article description it stated,"Just asking for what I paid for" and comes with NBA 2k21 and 3 months of Xbox Live. It's almost like the cocky"I'm supplying a service' mindset has become"please purchase this for msrp since rents due and I blew all my cash on consoles".

Their ass is contrary to the wall. I'd provide $50 less than requesting since You Need to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins push there/doing them a ceremony by desolving their illiquid assets/covid fee/shipping handling/etc


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