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Right now I am trying to raise all my skills to at least 60 so I won't be OSRS gold so nooby anymore. Im trying to determine how to train each skill. Any suggestions? Also, how much would all of this cost and how long would it take? At this time I am working on fletching and thus don't worry about that skill. Im trying to do this for every ten. Example: I would find all skills to 60, then to at least 70, then to 80, etc.. Thanks!

I will throw in my two cents for Building. You will fly from 33-60 so fast, you won't know what hit you. Seriously. Building and unbuilding them got me out of 33-70 in a flash, such as the Void Series of quests. I think that's pretty much the very cost-effective way to do it, also, particularly in the event that you plank-make all your oak logs. I do not recall the level requirement for Plank Make, however.

For Agility, I recommend doing the Brimhaven arena + tickets before 55 so that you can go until the Wildy, which gives you like 500 xp per run. It does not sound like a good deal but if you don't pay attention to what you are clicking, you'll find yourself increasing those previous five levels fairly fast.

Smithing, I did the Artisan's Workshop - but the ingots downstairs. There's not a lot of Old School RS Gold clicking included, and the xp is really consistent. Farming, just plant whatever highest level you have, and then leave. It is that simple. That is about all I can think of atm. Obviously, these are just the methods I've used/would usage, so if someone else has another opinion, then that is fantastic! Keep us posted!


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