by on 2 April, 2021

This is really a fine update except when players enter the minimum cost when buying a product and OSRS gold the most price when selling a product. This causes costs on item's to move up and down making an unstable market. Overall The Grand Exchange isn't a bad update. Currently THE most pointless, stupidest, MOST IDIOTIC update in RuneScape history. Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter is avalible into non-members and members and is assumed to take the area of the wilderness.

All you need to do is merely kill another random player! And... That is it. That is supposed to make up to your 1/4 size of this wilderness so that RWT's can't transfer wealth. Well it is in fact hurting the rest of the players and nobody enjoys it. Now... How to help. Jagex needs to do the following.

Eliminate the 3k cap onto the Duel Arena! Do not release the update in January where the prices when you exchange someone else, have to be within 3k of each other. How YOU can help. Don't go on"Strike" because that's just going to ruin the sport even more. Jagex knows that these upgrades are dreadful and it is just a waiting game to see when they really change them.

In Conclusion RuneScape is a superb game and it does not require these updates than no one wants or likes. Now it's merely a matter of awaiting Jagex Ltd. to alter these upgrades. Thank You for taking the time to cheap RuneScape gold read this article!

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