by on 5 April, 2021

MT 2K21  MyCareer story stars at high school, where you play a couple of games to attract the interest of major college programs after a weirdly emotional start to proceedings. Out of here, you have the option to play more and more professional games and eventually make it to the big leagues. Play well from the school games -- if you're at the 2nd overall pick, you'll be rewarded with a very lucrative salary. Complete challenges, be a good teammate, and acquire matches -- that will sort you out. Harper Dell should be your agent pick if you would like to get out of the starting gates as quickly as possible.

Pretty much everything tied into significant progression in the game is connected with VC (Virtual Currency). Every stat update you need is bought via the in-game money, and it is really pretty tricky to come by unless you know where to look. NBA games within MyCareer are a good location to earn the elusive cash, and completing sponsorship challenges can help you out, too. It's also worth signing into the game once daily to check on the Daily Spin -- which can be easy VC should you get all the questions right.

The developers really allow you to work for your shots in this match -- practically every element of shooting has been made manual this time around. Learn the courtroom, get to learn how it feels to take from other areas in the arena and know you are never making the same shot twice. Your own custom character will play and shoot unlike any other participant in the game, so learn where you're best to shoot from and build the rest of the team around how you position yourself and playwith. The game is going to do very little  Buy NBA 2K Coins for you this time round, so learn how to shoot for yourself properly.

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